Colon Cancer: 10 silent signals to pay attention to

  • Rectal bleeding
    This may come from cancer cells that are growing in the rectum. Your doctor may want to perform a colposcopy, where a telescope is used to examine the inside of your colon. If polyps are detected, your doctor may recommend a surgery called an endoscopy. This type of colonoscopy is similar to a laparoscope and can be very effective in finding colon cancer cells.
  • Rash or acne
    One of the most dramatic signals is if you develop a serious rash or acne. It is important to remember that these cancer signals often do not become apparent until much later. You may have a sign of cancer even if you have never experienced a skin condition before. However, if your cancer has spread significantly to your back or chest, these signs may become more significant.

Written by J.Andrew


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