Benefits of Moringa for slimming

Several studies have been conducted in humans on the effect of nutritional supplements containing Moringa on weight loss, as follows: A study was conducted on 41 obese people who underwent a diet and exercise as well as a dietary supplement containing Moringa, turmeric and curry, the study showed the positive effect of this supplement in increasing the number of lost kilograms, although it cannot be asserted that this result is related to Moringa in particular or to any one of them. Other ingredients included in this supplement. A group of studies have studied the effect of using moringa supplements on weight, as they were conducted on test tubes and animals, and the results showed that moringa can help break down fats and prevent their formation. Moringa’s high content of B vitamins can also have a role in weight loss, as these vitamins aid in the digestion process and convert food into energy. In general, you should consult your doctor before consuming moringa for weight loss or other uses, especially if you have a specific health condition or are taking medications. Recommended Moringa dosage and method of use Dosage depends on many factors, such as: health condition, age, etc., so far the appropriate dosages have not been determined.

Written by Joshua L.


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