15 Technological Gadgets That You Cannot Miss

If you are passionate about technology you cannot miss this. Discover these 15 technological gadgets that will make your life easier inside and outside the home.

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and, let’s face it, being up to date in this is quite a challenge. That is why for you, a technology lover (and for anyone who passes through here) we have put together a selection of the best gadgets, from the most useful and essential for your day to day, even the best sellers today.

In this article we will recommend technological gadgets for your home, for sports, gaming and for use in your car, so stay with us and discover some of them that will impress you.

Technological gadgets for the home house

Let’s be honest, although nowadays we can control almost any device in our house with our mobile phone, turning the light on and off by clapping has its charm. And it is that, for a few years, dozens of technological devices have been sneaking into our homes without us noticing. Are we touching the future that our parents dreamed of in their youth? It is possible.

Cleaner robot

We start with one of the most useful technological gadgets to date, and it is not for less, since having a device that sweeps and even washes the house for you (without complaining) autonomously, is an indescribable pleasure when you get home. Currently there are many brands and models (Roomba, Conga, iRobot, Rowenta, etc…) with more or less functions, but they all create a digital map of your house and clean the floor without you noticing. Also being able to configure their routines and guidelines from the smartphone.


Voice Assistants

Have you also ever wished you had a butler to do things for you? Well, our prayers have been answered, Google Home with “Ok Google” and the Amazon Echo Dot with “Alexa” are virtual assistants ready to do almost anything we ask them. From putting on music, reading the news or the weather forecast, turning on the lights, the coffee maker to putting our favorite series on television. In fact, both have become one of the best-selling technological gadgets in the last year.

Media players for TV

Do you still have that TV from a few years ago in your kitchen or living room? Don’t want to get rid of it or don’t know what to do, give it a new life with Google Chrome Cast and Amazon TV Fire Stick. These two impressive gadgets for the home manage to transform a TV with HDMI into a multimedia center where you can enjoy applications such as Netflix, HBO, YouTube, Movistar+ and a long list that follows. Does this mean that I can transform my old TV into a SmartTV? ? Yes.

Electronic Thermostats

Getting up in the morning in the middle of winter and that the room is already warm or being able to go to bed in summer without fear of waking up drenched in sweat is a luxury. Control the temperature of your home automatically with electronic thermostats, one of the essential technological gadgets for any home at any time of the year. You just have to connect it with a compatible heating and cooling system and decide what temperature your house will be when you return.

Security Alarms and Sensors

Forget hiring an alarm center to be able to leave your home with the security of knowing what is happening at all times. There are a lot of types of technological gadgets that will help you keep your home completely secure, easy to configure and synchronized with your smartphone through an application. From economic sensors for doors and windows, to presence detectors with sound.


Video Surveillance Cameras

Get the ability to connect to your home, office, or just about anywhere to see what’s going on with your own eyes. Video surveillance cameras have become one of the most curious and surprisingly cheap technological gadgets of the last year, their high connectivity and functionality make them perfect for more situations than we imagine. From keeping an eye on small children, to the elderly, to pets, or even to employees, put one of these cameras anywhere and all you have to do is connect with your phone to see what’s going on.

Technological gadgets for sports

The practice of sports was not going to be free from technological influence and in recent years sports gadgets have been the favorite technological gifts for men, women and children of all ages. From devices that help monitor our health before, during and after exercise, to others that will make this practice much more enjoyable. We recommend some examples of technological gadgets so that you can choose your favorite.

Smart Scale


From the New Year’s resolution to the bikini operation, there are many times of the year when we decide to control our weight. This is not an easy task, which is why smart scales are one of the best technological gadgets for this, since they will be your best ally when it comes to controlling our health and progress. There are many brands and models with greater or lesser functionality, but in general, they will all give us information about our percentage of body fat, BMI, muscle mass, fluid retention, among other data. The best thing about many of these scales is that they connect with the smartphone to have easy access to the record history.

 Smart Kettlebells


Are you as passionate about sports as you are about technology? If so, the next of our gadgets is one of the most curious, since it will solve the lack of space and the large number of weights, one for sure, your main problems. Jaxjox is the company that brings us the KettlebellConnect, a unique kettlebell that changes its weight from 6 to 21 kilos. This does not end here, you can synchronize the device with your smartphone to create profiles and enjoy a multitude of extra features. Without a doubt, the definitive solution for sports lovers at home, who do not enjoy all the space they would like.



Currently it is rare not to see one of these smart watches on anyone’s wrist, their high versatility has made them in a short time one of the best-selling and preferred technological gadgets to give as gifts. Originally designed as accessories for sports, thanks to their ability to monitor our physical activity during our exercise sessions, they have advanced to become practically a wrist smartphone.


Technological Gaming Gadgets

Achieving maximum performance while playing is not just a matter of skill and hardware, below we will recommend some examples of gaming accessories that will take your game to the next level, most of them for less than 50 euros even. Discover gadgets that you won’t know how you’ve been living and playing with until now, and don’t hesitate to buy them if you get the chance.

Portable Switch Docks


We are sure that if you have a Nintendo Switch, more than once you have found yourself in the position of wanting to play, but the Switch was out of battery and you had to connect it to the dock and to the television. Well this is over! With the portable Docks for Switch you can charge the console anywhere while you play with it and without a television. This is mainly thanks to the fact that this charging station eliminates the annoying toaster shape that prevents us from seeing the screen and also allows the independent connection of the television. Without a doubt, one of the essential accessories if you are a Nintendo lover.

Gaming controllers for Smartphones


Gaming is not just a matter of computers and consoles, some of the most important international championships and tournaments are played on the smartphones of the most staunch gamers. To play on the phone with the comfort of a console, some geniuses developed the most innovative gadgets that we can imagine, we are talking about controls with smartphone support. There are different models, our favorites are the console-type controls, the Switch-type controls and the ergonomic grips. Three alternatives for gaming controls that have become the star technological gadgets for children and not so children.

Multi charger for PS4 wireless controller


Forget about cables and messes, always have up to two of your controllers ready to play and recharge them just by leaving them on the charger that we present below. One of the totally essential gadgets for less than 50 dollars for PS4 users. This wireless charger for PS4 will allow you to charge up to two controllers simultaneously quickly and easily, being fully compatible with PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, in addition to having a security system to prevent any kind of overheating. When they are fully charged, support will notify you with a green signal, which is a pretty cool signal.

Technological gadgets for the car

Dashcam or video cameras for the car


We do not want to be a bird of ill omen and we hope that you never have any problem, but sometimes our word will not be enough to defend us in case of an accident with the car. This is one of the most useful gadgets and has been coming for years in many European countries, but in Spain its use is not as recognized. The DashCams are automatic video cameras to record while we are driving. There are more or less complete ones, but all of them allow us to obtain audio and even sound recordings before, during and after having a traffic accident, separating that video fragment from the rest and saving it on an SD card.

Voice assistants for the car


We already told you before how voice assistants had positioned themselves as one of the best technological gadgets of the past 2019. Well, your car is not exempt from this revolution since Roav Viva Pro together has developed a voice assistant for the car that works with Alexa. Ask him to take you to a specific place, to play music, to turn on the lights in your house or even to order pizza at home. Enjoy all the possibilities and advantages of Alexa from your car.

FM radio transmitter with Bluetooth and USB


Is your car too old and the radio doesn’t work, the cd reader doesn’t work and of course it doesn’t have bluetooth or usb? Your times of going with your mobile at full volume listening to music are over. FM transmitters for cars are one of the cheapest technological gadgets (many for less than 40 dollars) that stand out for their versatility. Connect music via USB, tune in to radio stations, answer calls and charge other devices. Give your car a new life and enjoy your trips on the road.


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